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Healthcare marketing is the process of creating, communicating, and offering healthcare information and services. It seeks to deliver valuable content and resources to patients (new and existing) using websites, social media, paid advertising, SEO, email marketing, video, and other creative forms of engagement.

At Cardinal Pointe, we have helped over hundreds healthcare marketers leverage our interactive health stations to effectively reach, engage, and connect at-risk individuals' consumers to client supported programs and services

Note, the health station kiosk program qualifies as a community benefit expenditure for non-profit organizations.

Organizational Impact:

  • Increase Brand Awareness and Image
  • Support Community Health Improvement
  • Drive New Patient Acquisition and Development
  • Increase Market Share

Proud Member of:

  • The American Hospital Association
  • The Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development
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About Us

Cardinal Pointe is a consumer health engagement company that has made it easier for people to measure and act on their personal health over the last 30 years. We accomplish this through the strategic positioning of automated, free-to-use, interactive, health station kiosks that create actionable connections between consumers and our marketing partners who provide care and support.


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