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About Cardinal Pointe & Our Mall-Based Approach

Cardinal Pointe was founded when we realized the value malls have as a medium for advertising and engaging the public. Health care providers quickly jumped on board after seeing the positive effect that mall advertising had on their rates of patient acquisition.

Benefits of Mall Advertising

It can be easy to think that online shopping is reducing the popularity of malls. But the fact remains that they are still among the most frequented public areas in the country. Shopping centers provide benefits that other media or locations simply cannot offer, including:

  • Convenient Access to Potential Patients
  • Advertising Flexibility
  • Plenty of Space
  • Increased Brand Awareness & Recognition

Community Pillars

Both shopping centers and health care facilities act as pillars of any community. They draw people in from surrounding areas and act as a safe environment to congregate. People of all ages and backgrounds regularly visit malls more than any other public venues. In other words, malls are the perfect place to reach any demographic that you're targeting.

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