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Health Stations


Cardinal Pointe’s interactive health stations provide a unique opportunity for healthcare marketers to reach, engage, and connect with thousands of at-risk consumers per year at each site to effectively:


  • Maximize Advertising Reach and Frequency
  • Build Brand Image and Awareness
  • Generate Leads for Featured Service Lines
  • Drive New Patient Acquisition and Development
  • Deliver turnkey program on a low CPM basis
  • Increase Level of Community Outreach
  • Capture Data to Support Community Needs Assessment



Partner Feedback - Commonspirit Southeast Region

“After just two weeks of the installation, we have had over 400 encounters with health station kiosks placed in our two local malls.  We have identified multiple individuals without primary care providers who have been referred to our FAD and call center.  The response has been incredibly positive, and we are looking forward to what opportunities for targeted marketing to the users we can utilize moving forward.  Alan and Ladd have been so supportive and easy to work with.  Absolutely a great partnership!”

Laurie Labishak
Market Director
Public Relations | Marketing | Communications
Trinity Health System

November 2022



Healthcare marketers invest a significant amount of funds annually to build and support several programs for the communities they serve. Cardinal Pointe recognizes the importance of those offers and developed our health stations and software to effectively promote them and give the public easy access to them through our digital solution.

Cardinal Pointe’s health stations represent a unique functional digital media and healthcare marketing platform designed for custom branding and strategic placement in a multitude of locations, e.g., retail centers, health and wellness facilities, recreation centers, worksites, and other indoor public spaces. Each system is configured and connected to provide health-conscious consumer’s personal health screening services and relevant information they can easily act on, like:

Blood Pressure Test
Health Risk Assessments
Weight Loss
Find a Doctor
Classes and Events

BMI Calculator
Online Health Quizzes
Urgent Care
Virtual Health



To maximize campaign's advertising reach, the frequency of health-conscious consumer engagement, lead generation and/or activation within any high-traffic site, Cardinal Pointe utilizes custom interactive kiosks as a site-based tactical media tool.

Sample Designs

We offer turnkey kiosk design, service line marketing content development , manufacturing, kiosk, and site management, and reporting services to gauge performance, user impact and overall marketing value.

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